Sep 13

Farewell, Bloglines

I’ve been using Bloglines for a long time, since  2004 if I’m not mistaken.  It’s been a constant and welcome part of my online experience.

Alas, apparently, they could not find a way to make money off of it.

Which is unfortunate, because I always thought that it would have been a fabulous corporate knowledge-sharing tool – a “private” Bloglines, within a company, that you could add subscriptions that others could use to stay up on important events and thought-leaders in your industry.   Saving and ranking specific posts so that they would potentially become more widespread – identify competitive threats and potential strategic opportunities.

I realize that this model is not without challenges (“We don’t want our employees visiting the web!”), but I’m sure there would have been some organizations with enough strategic vision to see the opportunity inherent in such “corp-sourcing”.    Enough, I would imagine, that they could have made enough money to keep the public site going.  Alas

Also, I see various mentions in the Blogline obituaries that suggest that the day of the RSS reader is done – that we’re replacing it with social link-sharing like Twitter or Facebook.  As someone who generally produces more of these links than I consume, I am puzzled – RSS Readers allowed me to review a wide assortment of feeds at my leisure – Twitter and Facebook are far more ephemeral and constrained to the strategies I use to follow people and to be followed in return.

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