Monthly Archive: November 2013

Nov 13

The Last Job On Earth : Part III

I bet you can tell me how to get from Tampa to Atlanta. But I bet you couldn’t tell a 5 year old how to get from Tampa to Atlanta safely.  Even if that 5-year-old had a perfect memory. And the reason is obvious – the 5 year old is lacking a tremendous amount of …

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Nov 08

The last job on Earth, Part II

So – let’s imagine a world without lawyers.     (Side note: What do you call a bus full of lawyers driving off of a cliff?  A good start!) Ok.  That was peaceful for a moment, but then the problems start mounting.   Without lawyers, who decides the law?   Police do.   And while …

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Nov 05

The last job on Earth, part 1

I see that the “conventional wisdom” these days is that programmers will be obsolete once we figure out how to describe programs in a more human way. I think that’s absurd.  It would take only one glance at the volumes upon volumes of federal laws or state laws to demonstrate just how incredibly difficult and …

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