Mar 15

And we’re also back

Just like what happened on www.picobusiness.com, this wordpress site was compromised.  And I was able to restore this one in about 5 minutes, which is pretty cool.  The old style wasn’t available anymore.  Which might be a blessing 🙂


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  1. Walter Moore

    I just get such a warm sense of comfort from the fact our web team has moved all our main web pages to wordpress…*

    (*no, no I don’t)

    1. jb

      I think the key is to keep regular tabs on security updates, which I will do for a few months, and then forget and then *WHAM*, another exploit

  2. Meredith

    What the fuck is this and how the fuck did this interrupt my connection. to Mozilla Firefox

    1. jb

      It’s a bug in firefox, not something that I did

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