May 04

The paradox of plenty

My customer’s coffee area used to have three urns for coffee.   The standard practice was to make a new pot if you used up the last in the current pot.

The pots were big, holding probably between 10 and 15 normal cups-sizes worth of coffee.     Unsurprisingly, I had to make coffee about once every 10-15 days.


More recently, there was a change to the coffee room.  Now there are six urns – two for each of the three flavors (Dark roast, regular, decaf).

Now, I make coffee almost every day.    Because when I come in, one of the two dark-roast urns is empty, and the other is half empty.  And I feel obliged to make more, since one is empty.


Basically, the coffee room has turned into a big conscientiousness test..  I think I’m passing.

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