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September 29, 2005

Carnival Of The Agilists - 09/29/05

Hi all, and welcome to the inaugural Carnival Of The Agilists.

This being the first time we've done this, I'm stretching the general rule of 'Interesting posts of the last 7 days' in order to get some extra info in, and give a little more sense of what it will be like when we have more contributors.

Agile Coaching
We'll start off with Mishkin of Agile Advice, with his post on Agile Infrastructure Projects. Mishkin describes his experiences working on agile teams doing work on "back office" IT functions, instead of new project/product development. He has a lot of good advice for anyone considering how to roll out that next upgrade or set up that data warehouse using agile techniques.

Agile Leadership
Pete Behrens, founder of Trail Ridge Consulting, talks about leadership, preferring people over process, and how agile development fits in neatly with this view.

Agile Configuration Management
Brad Appleton discusses principles of version management and packaging, providing some thoughtful and focused analysis on how Software Change Management can be made better.

Agile Project Management
Skip Angel from Random Thoughts from a CTO talks about project management and managing Cost, Time, Scope and Quality, and how to avoid the Schedule Trap. As a CTO, he's got some insights that you might not have already heard or read.

Agile Software Development
Skip also talks about the difference between instructions and strategy, which I thought was a great example of the difference between prescriptive development processes and agile "common sense" approaches.

Your humble aggregator wrote a an post just yesterday about Strong Vs Weak Typing, after doing some research on the topic. In general, if you're doing distributed development, loose coupling and weak typing are the way to go. If you want to take advantage of all of the semantic and refactoring magic in Idea or Eclipse, a strongly typed language probably makes more sense. Otherwise, the jury is still out.

Introducing Agile Development
The key to successfully introducing agile development is the soft science of managing change. Pete Behrens provides us with another post, providing his thoughts on a Change This! manifesto that's all about change and people and thinking about things in new ways.

If you are trying to introduce agile development into an organization, this is a great read!

That wraps up this week's edition. Thanks everyone for contributing, reading and providing feedback! If you have comments or feedback on how I can do this better next time, please send me email at johnbr gmail.com

If you want to volunteer to host the Carnival in the future, please let me know. The more hosts we have in rotation, the better the Carnival will be.

Lastly, please link to this and help spread the meme from your blog!

Agile development, taking over the world one gummy bear at a time.

Update: I was wrong about needing a Passport account to access Skip's Blog. My apologies.

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