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October 06, 2005

Carnival Of The Agilists - 10/06/05

Welcome to the second edition of the Carnival of the Agilists. I've reorganized a little, and we're going to group posts according to the four main agile principles. And then, at the end, we'll have tips and tricks, case studies and anything else that doesn't seem to fit into the four principles.

Responding to change over following a plan

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Working software over comprehensive documentation

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation

Agile Tips and Tricks


Next Week

I've gotten a couple of people who are interesting in helping coordinate and rotate the Carnival. I'll be following up with them shortly. If you would like to also be part of the rotation, please send an email to johnbr@gmail.com.

If you have any posts that you'd like included in next week's Carnival, please send them to me (again, at johnbr@gmail.com), by 10/13 at noon. Thanks everyone, for their help and cooperation!

Shout Outs

Thanks to Pete Behrens of Trail Ridge Consulting for sending me some great links!

* - Indicates I wasn't able to get the permission of the person before linking, but I thought the post was important enough to post anyways

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