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Nov 05

The last job on Earth, part 1

I see that the “conventional wisdom” these days is that programmers will be obsolete once we figure out how to describe programs in a more human way. I think that’s absurd.  It would take only one glance at the volumes upon volumes of federal laws or state laws to demonstrate just how incredibly difficult and …

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Aug 27

10 months of no inbox zero

I’ve been running “inbox zero” since about the year 2000.     Up until 10 months ago, when someone emailed me, asking me for a copy of the sequel to my first book.    And then, just a few weeks later, a second guy emailed me, asking for the same thing. As a motivator to …

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Dec 10

Using WiKID Two-Factor Authentication with SSH

I have found a couple of howtos on how to set up WiKID to use SSH, but I had a horrible, horrible time using them.  This is partially because of my version of Linux (RHEL 5 and 6) and partially because the howtos don’t do a good job of explaining why you are taking various …

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Dec 10

True dat

Dec 10

The Fourteen Types of Programmers: Type 7: Random ones

There are really two subsets of programmers here.   First, this is the catchall for everyone who doesn’t fit into any of the other categories.  A bit of a cop-out, but then, it’s been six years since I started this list, so perhaps you want to just cut me some slack maybe 😉   The …

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Nov 21

freeradius2 and pam

just a quick rant while i build up steam on this particular issue. Why oh why is this so ridiculously hard? I can find lots of advice on how to get freeradius1 integrated with pam, but the naming conventions and the shared libraries are different in FR2, and for the life of me, I can’t …

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Nov 02

Just let it crash? No thanks

This blog post discusses the philosophy of not trying to catch every exception – let the app crash when you don’t understand or anticipate the problem I agree that you shouldn’t just catch Exceptions, politely log them and then swallow them.    You then place the burden on yourself (or the operations guys) to actually …

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Nov 02

OpenVPN – very well done

After my struggles with OpenLDAP, I have to admit – OpenVPN’s commercially packaged version (which is free to set up and use for the first 2 simultaneous users) is incredibly easy to get up and running.   And additional users are $50/10, which is chump change.

Sep 29

OpenLdap: History’s greatest monster

Well, not really, but I bet I got your attention.   Having just gone through two days of pain involved in getting OpenLDAP to work in place of /etc/passwd, I have such a set of troubleshooting tips unlike anything I’ve experienced before.   I am going to write these down as quickly as I can, …

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Jun 12

Signalling vs. Hyperbolic discounting

Bryan Caplan has a lot of thoughts on signaling as the motivator for education.   The idea makes a lot of sense, up to a point.   But let’s  go back and re-assemble my college mental model, as best I can. So I sign up for a class, and I pay my class’s $1000 tuition …

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Jun 16

Hadoop competitor

Interesting – if it works and deploys well, HPCC is a good thing for the scalable processing space.

Apr 19

Favorite Portal 2 quote so far

Either: Okay, look. We both said a lot of things that you are going to regret. But I think we can put our differences behind us. For science… you monster or Do you know the biggest lesson I learned from what you did? We’re a lot alike, you and I. You tested me, I tested …

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Apr 12

Android app in 1.5 hours

I have to give great props to the Google Android team. I was able to go from “I want to build an app for my phone” to “My app is now published on the Android market” in approximately 90 minutes of effort. 1) Download the SDK – that was easy. 2) Add the plugin to …

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Feb 16

Startups and Agile Teams

I have spent a long time working in software startups of various stripes, and I have also spent a long time working with Agile teams delivering software of various stripes. It is  difficult to sufficiently emphasize how similar those two models are.    Think about it: Startup Agile What’s the simplest thing that could possibly …

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Jan 04

random Jim Croce-inspired madness

If I could save Time in a Timesheet if Jobs could make iPods call you Google would cache every page til Eternity passes and then it would trend them for you….

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