So you want to write a Bookr book. Cool!

It all starts with an xml file:

 <book title="Star Wars 1" characters="3" picks="2" pages="5">    <characters>
        <character name="Boba Fett" nick="Boba" pronoun="he"

possessive="his" image="resources/images/boba.png"/>

	<character name="Han Solo" nick="Han" pronoun="he"

possessive="his" image="resources/images/han.png"/>

	<character name="Greedo" nick="Greedo" pronoun="he"

possessive="his" image="resources/images/greedo.png"/>


	<page id="1" text="#{} was mad"/>

	<page id="2" text="#{} was sad"/>

	<page id="3" text="#{} had a cat"/>

	<page id="4" text="#{} had a dog"/>

	<page id="5" text="#{a.nick} was mad at #{b.nick}"/>


For anyone who looks at XML files on a regular basis, this should be pretty straightforward. The “magic keywords” are:

#{} – the formal name of the character

#{a.nick} – the nickname of the character

#{a.possessive} – his or her

#{a.pronoun} – he or she

Just to be clear – when the reader picks the characters, they pick the character to be character A, character B, etc, in order.  The a in #{} means “the character picked by the user to be in slot “A”.

Some rules:

  1. Pages have ids, but those are not an order. The pages will be displayed in the order they are listed in the file
  2. Similarly, the characters are shown in the album flipper in the order they are listed
  3. The image urls here are local to my server, but in practice they can be anywhere – so you can host the images on your own site (or I can host them for you), and put a full URL here.
    1. Note that the image files should be no taller than 200 pixels, and no wider than 190.
    2. Use .png or .jpg images, please.
  4. In theory, you can have up to 10 different characters (A – J).
    1. But don’t mention more than 4 or 5 on any given page, because they won’t fit in the app.

If you build a Bookr file, put it on the web somewhere, and send me an email (johnbr at with the url. I’ll link to your file from my test server, so you can test it and tweak it to your hearts content without it being “live”.

Once you’re happy with the book, send me the xml and I’ll host it on the official server.

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